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T.S. Eliot – The Missing Piece

By: Suzanne, Clocha Rince Library Photograph of T.S. Eliot and Emily Hale in Dorset, Vermont, Summer 1946 Image taken from On Thursday 2nd January this year, the long-awaited love letters from the great poet T.S. Eliot to scholar and muse Emily Hale were unveiled at Princeton University Library.  The Nobel laureate’s correspondence to Hale… Continue reading T.S. Eliot – The Missing Piece

Behind the Books

Free Online History Resources

Kildare Library Account Resources eHistory: Online Electronic History Journal: Free online electronic history journal with a wide range of materials on the history of County Kildare. Materials include archaeology, digitised resources, essays, events and attractions, industrial heritage and Kildare County archive. EMagazines – Online History Magazines: Search a wide variety of history magazine… Continue reading Free Online History Resources