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Felt Finger Puppets

Craft by Sheila, Leixlip Library Today I thought we could make some finger puppets! I have chosen a sheep and a lion. Maybe after you can have fun doing a puppet show. What you will need to make the puppets: Felt in a few colours. I’ve used dark brown, black, toffee colour and white. Card… Continue reading Felt Finger Puppets

Arts & Crafts

Party Wreath Craft

Craft by Sheila, Leixlip library You could hang this wreath up for your birthday party or just to brighten up the house. It’s a simple craft and fun to make. What you will need : A wire hanger or a florist wire wreath, Scissors andDifferent colours of crepe paper  Cut stripes of crepe paper about… Continue reading Party Wreath Craft

Arts & Crafts

5 Fun Activities for Big and Little Children

By Aideen Kerr It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, but it’s especially tough on those who are either home alone, or those trying to juggle working from home with minding children. I’ve put together a list of fun activities for people of all ages, big kids like myself, and little kids who are… Continue reading 5 Fun Activities for Big and Little Children

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Resources For Children Provided By Their Favourite Authors

Blog compiled and written by: Niamh Ennis, Leixlip library There are lots of resources on the internet for children to use during lockdown, including many educational sites as pointed out by my fellow Librarian Dermot in a previous post on this blog. In terms of fiction, authors having been going above and beyond to make… Continue reading Resources For Children Provided By Their Favourite Authors