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Easter Egg Paper Decorations

By Aoife, Newbridge Library You will need:  Printable template for Easter eggs (you can find one online) PrinterWhite paper/green paperColouring supplies (coloured markers, coloured pencils, glitter…..whatever you have)ScissorsGlue How to make: This craft starts with a printable Easter egg template. These can be found online from *My template has six eggs on it, but it… Continue reading Easter Egg Paper Decorations

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St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

By Elaine Patterson, Newbridge Headquarters   Photo by Sudipta Mondal on Saint Patrick’s Day will be virtual this year due to the Level 5 Restrictions but there are still ways to celebrate. This year there is a dedicated for the Saint Patrick’s Festival with events running from the 12th to the 17th March.… Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

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Recipe: Delicious Buttermilk Scones with Honey

This recipe from Ann in Athy Library is easy to follow at home and makes delicious scones - the perfect accompaniment to tea and a good book, enjoy! Ingredients Needed: 450g of self-raising flour½ tsp salt2 tsp baking powder100 g of butter1 tablsp. honey300ml buttermilk Method: Preheat oven to 220C, Gas Mark 8.In a large… Continue reading Recipe: Delicious Buttermilk Scones with Honey

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Mother’s Day Craft : Jar of Hugs and Hearts.

Sheila from Leixlip Library has a lovely craft for us today which would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift. To make Sheila's craft jar of Hugs and Hearts, you will need: A clean jam jarColoured cardA flowered servietteScissorsGlueA paint brushSome twineSome shredded tissue Paint some glue on the jar. Tear up pieces of the serviette… Continue reading Mother’s Day Craft : Jar of Hugs and Hearts.

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Knit A Springtime Rainbow Cushion

Sheila from Leixlip Library has sent us in a lovely rainbow inspired knit cushion. This knitting recipe would be perfect for those already familiar with knitting and my be a little more difficult for beginners.What you need: Double Knitting wool 1 ball in each of the rainbow colours. Colour codes: 1) Red, 2) Orange, 3)… Continue reading Knit A Springtime Rainbow Cushion

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Art & Craft – Rock Painting

by Craig, Naas Library Today I’m going to be doing some Rock Painting with you, and turning a plain old rock from the garden, into a colourful Ladybird. Rock Painting can be fun for any age group and is something creative that you can do together as a family. First you need to gather your… Continue reading Art & Craft – Rock Painting

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Arts Crafts & Activities- Easy American Style Pancakes

Blog post by Ann Kearney, Athy Library Ingredients Needed:● A regular mug, mixing bowl & a whisk.● Self raising. flour● Milk● 1 egg● 1 tbsp. Sugar● Pinch of salt.● Pan and oil spray/butter Make sure to have an adult with you when cooking for supervision and to help you use hot cooking appliances. Method:● Put… Continue reading Arts Crafts & Activities- Easy American Style Pancakes

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Christmas Craft: Hanging reindeer decoration

By Mary, Maynooth Library This is a stitched project. Please refer to the “How to Sew” instructions. Materials :   Cream coloured felt for the body and a little brown felt for the antlers                         Red Embroidery thread                         Ordinary black cotton sewing thread                         2 black beads for the eyes                         Wadding                         Ribbon… Continue reading Christmas Craft: Hanging reindeer decoration

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Crafting: How To Sew – Basic instructions for “Running Stitch”

By Mary, Maynooth Library Use a needle with a fairly large eye ( the eye is the hole at the top of the needle). Pull the double thread through the eye. Knot the end of one length. Wind the end of the thread once or twice around one finger so that it forms a loop/circle.… Continue reading Crafting: How To Sew – Basic instructions for “Running Stitch”

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Christmas Crafting : Christmas Stocking Decoration

By Mary, Maynooth Library This craft is suitable for Children who can sew, Young Adults and Adults too. Materials Felt in two contrasting colours e.g. Purple and Yellow. Double strands of Red embroidery thread Ribbon 6 Buttons stocking-patternDownload Also needed – scissors, needles and pins. Method: 1. Cut out two of each of the pattern… Continue reading Christmas Crafting : Christmas Stocking Decoration