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Book Review: Switched

Title: Switched

Author: Amanda Hocking

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult Fiction.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: When Wendy was just six years old her mother proclaimed that she was a monster and ran at her with a knife. Her mother wanted to kill Wendy because she was adamant that she wasn’t her daughter, that her real child had been replaced.

Eleven years pass by and now Wendy is beginning to think that her mother may well have been correct.

Review: Switched is a three-book Fantasy series. Seventeen year old Wendy is on edge, and not because Finn Holmes stares at her during class, but because she feels like she is being watched by more than just him. When Finn confronts her about a dark secret, her ability to force people into doing what she wants, she begins to question if he really is just a weird kid staring at her day in and day out. Then a series of events occur and suddenly Wendy finds herself not only in a different place, but the princess to her Mother’s kingdom. Only she’s not sure if she wants to be princess.

Will she stay at the kingdom and learn her princess ways?

And will she be able to convince Finn that they can be together regardless of what the Kingdom states?

Switched is one of those reads that keeps the reader incredibly on edge all through the book. I guarantee you won’t be able to put down. So if you are hungering for a quest, a princess and a far-off land, don’t wait another moment to get your hands on this very immersive novel.

If you like the sound of this book, place a request on it on our Library Catalogue. If you’re completely taken with Amanda Hocking, you can also check out some of her other titles or look at similarly themed book reviews on this blog.


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