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Book Review: Divine Evil

Title: Divine Evil

Author: Nora Roberts

Genre: Suspense, Romance.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: Clare Kimball’s life was the thing horror stories were made of. At a young age she witnessed a twisted and sordid movement involving a few of the townspeople. Her father who once smiled, poured bottles of liquor down his throat until one night he had a horrible “accident” and fell out of his office window.

Clare was the one who found her father.

When she was old enough Clare split town and never looked back. Until now. Now she’s back in her small hometown where nothing ever really happens.

Where everyone knows everything about you before you know it yourself.

She’s prepared to hunker down and work in her family home alone for a few weeks. Those plans derail when the town bad boy, now the town’s sheriff, begins to play a dangerous game with her. Especially with an unforeseen danger lurking around the town of Emmitsboro.

Review: Divine Evil is yet another great read penned by Nora Roberts.

Set in a small town named Emmitsboro, It’s a perfectly quiet town with not a lot going on.

On the surface anyway.

Clare Kimball’s life has never been easy. It has never made sense or been filled with roses and sunshine. Her past was dark and crooked and downright evil.

She’s devoted her life to putting that cruel past behind her. To move on she’s built herself up until the demons that wreaked havoc on her dreams couldn’t touch her anymore. But when she returns to the small nothing town she grew up in, the past comes back to haunt her.

Clare’s not alone in trying to discover the truth lurking in dark corners, behind her back.

Once the town’s bad boy, Cameron Raftery’s duty is to protect Emmitsboro and those inside it.

So when a series of crimes occur in his town it’s his job to get to the bottom of it.

Murder, abduction, the works. Together Claire and Cameron unite as the past shadows and haunts the town. Along the way their unison blurs into a blooming romance.

Cameron knows that when all is said and done Clare will return to her high life, far away from this hick town. But try as he might, Cameron finds himself coming home to Clare time after time.

If you enjoy mystery, crime, detective work, and romance, this is the book for you. Nora Roberts is a true master storyteller who weaves a fantastically believable tale around very life-like characters. You will not want to put this book down. I highly recommend this author as one of the all time modern greats.

If you like the sound of this book, place a request on it on our Library Catalogue for pick-up at your nearest branch.


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