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Book Review: The Boy Who Steals Houses

Title: The Boy Who Steals Houses

Author: C.G. Drews

Genre: Young Adult Fiction.

Review by: Chantelle, LCA Intern for Library HQ

Synopsis: The boy who steals houses. . . The girl who steals his heart. Sam and his brother Avery have been betrayed and abused by every single person in their lives who should have stood by them. Now Sam steals homes, dreaming of the day he can have his very own home.

But late one night when the world begins to feel like it is crashing down on him, he finds a house that feels more like home than ever before.

Sam finds a home and soon finds his heart beating for a girl he could never get. Because boys like him don’t get the girl. . .

Review: The Boy Who Steals Houses focuses on the grim story of two brothers, one who has Autism, and the other whose only job is to protect his vulnerable brother.

Sam has always stood by his brother, Avery, through thick and thin. Through the abuse of their father and everyone else who should have been reliable but inexplicably wound up disappointing and hurting them. It’s always been Avery and Sam lashing back at the harsh world.

Life has dealt the brothers a cruel hand, and with every passing day it’s becoming unlikely that the vague dream of a true home for both Sam and Avery will ever happen.

Sam steals or “borrows” homes. He steals cash and lives each day on the edge, not for the sake of living like a criminal, but out of desperation born from necessity.

But one night Sam chooses the wrong house to steal-or perhaps it was the best decision he’s ever made, because soon he’s flung into the hum of a chaotic, slightly absurd family.

They think he’s a friend of one of the kids living in the De Lainey’s humble abode. Nobody suspects he’s simply a homeless boy with the cops gunning for him.

The only person sceptical is the beautiful Moxie.

Soon Sam is fighting not only for his brother’s safety, not only for his dream of a real home, but for the heart of a girl he could never get; not with a million wishes could he ever steal Moxie’s heart.

A cataclysmic chain of events would have to happen to possibly align the stars just right for Sam to ever live out his wildest hopes and dreams.

But who knows, maybe there’s hope for everyone. . .

The boy who steals houses is an excellent read rife with humorous scenes, heart-stopping moments of heartache, and wild ambitions. It is a rollercoaster of jumbled feelings and emotions with a thought provoking look at how the world looks at those who are “different”.

If you like the sound of this book, place a request on it on our Library Catalogue for pick-up at your nearest branch.


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