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Tons of Family Fun With Your Library this December!

Every December, libraries in Kildare host a special programme of events that gets all the family involved, called Family Time at Your Library. The staff from each of the main libraries have been working hard putting together a mix of online events for you for this years programme. There’s even two as Gaeilge in-person nature walks to take part in with the wonderful Richie Conroy. From ASD friendly story-time and Sign Language Christmas songs, to arts and crafts and cooking, with a special winter book recommendation session, there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Family Mindfulness with Louise Shanagher 
Thursday 2nd December at 6pm via Zoom

December is the busiest month of the year for many families, so there was never a better time to get ahead of seasonal stress. Author, teacher and therapist Louise Shanagher is hosting a wonderful Family Mindfulness Event for Kildare Libraries to help with this. Join Louise from the comfort of your home for this special ‘Family Time at your Library’ Zoom session on Thursday 2nd December at 6pm. 

Louise Shanagher is a mindfulness teacher, children’s therapist and author from Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Louise has a BA and MSc in Psychology and further qualifications in Mindfulness, Psychotherapy and Play therapy. Louise originally trained as an Organisational Psychologist and went on to specialize in teaching mindfulness and mindful self-compassion. Louise is the author of Ireland’s first series of mindfulness books for children the “Mindfully Me” series, the new “Kindfully Me” series and is the co-author of Ireland’s first mindfulness curriculum “The Mindful Heart” curriculum. She is also the creator of “Creative Mindfulness Kids” Practitioner Training.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Lola’s Yoga / Friday 3rd December at 4pm Via Zoom

A fun and relaxing yoga and story-time session for all the family, with Lola’s Yoga, for Family Time at Your Library.

Laura Breslin of Lola’s Yoga has a degree in early years education and care and is a qualified children’s yoga teacher. She has over a decade of experience working with children and wrote Lola’s Farmyard Friends to share the gift of yoga with as many children as possible.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Lorraine Levis’ Recommended Children’s Books
Saturday 4th December at 10am via Zoom.

Lorraine Levis will be discussing the perfect gifts for all of the young readers in your life – covering titles for the smallest of babies to the pickiest of teenagers.
Of course books aren’t just for Christmas! She will be answering all of your questions on how to keep children engaged with reading and any other concerns you may have.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Irish Heritage and Wildlife workshop with Emma-Jane Leeson
Saturday 4th December at 12pm via Zoom

This workshop is suitable for all the family. Emma-Jane Leeson will read two of her Johnny Magory books.

She will have a fun, educational discussion on Irish wildlife and heritage. She will also show you how to draw a wildlife character. Emma-Jane will play the tin-whistle and encourage the children to do some Irish dancing.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Siúlóid ag Luí na Gréine le Richie Conroy / Sunset Walk
Saturday 4th December at 3.30pm

Tar linn ar shiúlóid dhúlra ag an am draíochta seo go dtí an Chanáil Ríoga. Beidh muid ag coinneáil súil amach don dúlra áitiúil. Beidh an ócáid seo trí Ghaeilge agus tá fáilte roimh chách.

Join us for a nature walk at the Royal Canal at magic hour as sun sets. We will keep an eye out for local wildlife. This event will be through Irish and everyone is welcome!
Áit/Place: Leabharlann Léim an Bhradáin / Leixlip Library

Chuir d’áitse in áirithe go luath!
Book your place early!

Booking via Eventbrite.

Family, Festive Cook-a-long with Tara Walker of The East Coast Cookery School.
Monday 6th December at 6pm via Zoom

Join Tara Walker from the East Coast Cookery School and her daughter Grace for a fun festive family cook-along. A fun and delicious way for the whole family to get involved!

On the menu:
Snowflake Cupcakes
Sticky Hot Dog Mini Sliders.

Recipes, equipment and ingredients will be available in advance, as well as any preparation advice needed.

Booking via Eventbrite.

Christmas Family Draw-a-long! Illustration Workshop with Margaret Anne Suggs
Tuesday 7th December at 6pm via Zoom

Join Margaret Anne Suggs, illustrator of the Pigín books, for a Draw-a-long Christmas/Holiday card workshop. Learn how to draw packages, wreaths, robins and other details inspired by “Happy Christmas, Pigin”! You can then use them on your own Christmas or Holiday cards.

Materials needed: A4 drawing paper, coloured paper, scissors, glue, large soft markers in a variety of colours and fine liners.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Florence & Milly – Winter Themed Family Painting Session
Wednesday 8th December from 6pm via Zoom

Join Laura from Florence & Milly for a fun Winter themed family painting session online on Zoom. Use whatever paint and paper or canvas you have at home and let’s make some festive works of art.

Materials needed: paper or canvas, paint, paintbrushes.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Christmas Cards from Litter with Aoife Munn
Thursday 9th of December at 6.30pm via Zoom

This is a family friendly workshop suitable for all ages. It’s also a great way to make a difference in your area for biodiversity by reducing litter.

Before the workshop take a walk around your local area or school wearing gloves and collect some colourful litter. Empty crisp packets and other packaging can be washed and dried before the workshop. You can also use some bits from your recycling bin at home. We will cut up all kids of colourful pieces for use on the cards.

You will need some plain white card folded for your card base, some Pritt stick, scissors, some colours, and your washed and dried litter.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Festive Fun with Lámh workshop
Friday 10th December at 6.30pm via Zoom

This December enjoy Family time at Kildare Libraries with Deirdre ~ Senior Speech & Language Therapist & Lámh Tutor. Join us on Zoom in the comfort of your home for a fun filled Christmas evening with Sing & Sign Christmas songs, a special Christmas Read with Lámh, Knock knock Christmas surprise box & lots more. Have fun & learn some Lámh signs with your little ones.

Lámh is the manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. Lámh was originally developed in the early 1980s in order to have a unified, standardised, Irish-based approach to signing for those with intellectual disabilities and communication needs.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Ceiliúr na Camhaoire – Siúlóid le Richie Conroy / The Dawn Chorus
Saturday, 11th December at 9am

Buailfimid le chéile ag briseadh na maidine chun dul ag faire ar na héin áitiúla. Céard a bheidh le feiceáil agus le cloisteáil? Beidh an ócáid trí Ghaeilge agus beidh fáilte roimh chách.

We will meet at sunrise to do some local birdwatching. What will we see and hear? This event will be through Irish, all welcome.Chuir d’áitse in áirithe go luath!
Book your place early!
Áit/Place: Leabharlann Droichead Nua / Newbridge Library.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Let’s Celebrate Winter: Family Drawing Workshop with Duffy Mooney-Sheppard
Saturday 11th December at 10am via Zoom

Join Duffy Mooney-Sheppard as she takes you on a drawing journey for all the family (from Ages 5+). Since the beginning, humans have marked time and created stories by noticing the seasons and watching the stars. Before we had books, these ancient people all across the globe, left their mark and told their stories through stone carvings and cave paintings. In this workshop, we will take inspiration from the symbols and patterns left to us by our ancestors at sites like Newgrange, the Chevreaux Caves and others to create our own large drawing to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Participants will require:
• A4 sheets of paper or card
• glue stick/cello-tape or similar
• Something to draw and colour with (bring whatever you love to work with i.e. Crayons, pencils, pastels, chalk, paint)
Booking Via Eventbrite.

Santa’s Christmas Zoom with Helena Byrne.
Saturday 11th December at 3.00pm via Zoom.

A workshop for the whole family this December brought to you by Family Time at Your Library. Santa’s toy-making skills are much better than his computer skills, so he has asked his good friend Helena to come and help him Zoom with children across Ireland from his workshop in the North Pole.

This wonderful show full of heart-warming Christmas stories, interactive games, treasure hunts and sing-alongs will bring plenty of fun, and a touch of magic.
Booking via Eventbrite.

The Reindeer are Missing! – Interactive Storytime with Wayne O’Connor
Saturday 11th December at 4.30pm via Zoom

“The reindeer are missing! The reindeer are missing!” In the run up to Christmas, Santa and the elves are in a panic. Their only hope comes in the form of the one Elf in the world who can solve the mystery of the disappearance. The World-Famous Elf Detective….YOU.”

Join Storyteller and Artist Wayne O Connor, for a fun interactive storytelling adventure where the kids contribute ideas and make the choices that determine how the story goes and even how it might end! Can they solve the mystery of the vanished reindeer? Expect lots of humour and fun in this session, which is part of the Family Time at Your Library programme.
Booking via Eventbrite.

Autism Friendly Storytime with Helena Byrne
Saturday 18th December at 11.00am via Zoom

Join storyteller Helena Byrne for this wonderful Christmas storytelling session suitable for all the family ~ adding a touch of magic to your children’s festive season!
Booking via Eventbrite.

Irish Heritage and Wildlife workshop with Emma-Jane Leeson
Saturday 18th December at 12-1pm via Zoom.

This workshop is suitable for children up to 7 years old. Emma-Jane Leeson will read two of her Johnny Magory books and will have a fun, educational discussion on Irish wildlife and heritage. She will also show you how to draw a wildlife character. Emma-Jane will even play the tin-whistle and encourage the children to do some Irish dancing.
Booking via Eventbrite.


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