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Kildare Town Tidy Towns – Interactive Nature Based Workshops

What do you need to do?
Just follow Kildare Town Tidy Towns on facebook and we will let you know where you can
collect your own pack !

What’s next?
Each month we will bring you a new creative project and supply you with the materials you need to get started. We will then give you a link to our online video demonstration so you can be creative in your own home. Some projects will require you to get outside and do a bit of your own foraging and we will be there every step of the way to help you on your rediscovery of nature. Here is a small description of what we have coming up…

Christmas Creative Workshops- Using natural materials design and create your own Christmas Logs and Wreaths.

Plant A Native Tree- Add biodiversity to your garden and help with carbon sequestering!!
Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel, Oak, Birch and Rowan.

Garden Bird Survey – from Birdwatch Ireland
Receive a seed pack and a bird identification pack and be included in this national survey.

Make your own St. Brigid’s Crosses -Connect with your ancient heritage and learn two types of St.Brigid’s Crosses the Trinity and the Square types.

2 x Foraging Workshops- Explore your surrounding nature and learn the ancient skill of foraging.

Birch Sap Collection- Learn how to sustainably tap your local birch tree for a nutritional dense spring tonic.

Wild Garlic Pesto- Learn to identify wild garlic ( a powerful anti-viral) and make your own pesto in the woods.


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