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The Battle

Author: Paul O’Connell

Review by : Brian Connellan, Athy Library

Paul O’Connell is one of Ireland’s most admired rugby players, and he was fortunate enough to be playing at a time when the potential of both Ireland and Munster seemed limitless. While what we get here is a description of that amazing time in Irish rugby, we also get a lot more. We discover that what Paul originally wanted to do was to be a champion swimmer and that it was only relatively late on that he ended up turning to rugby. It’s interesting to see that although he had tremendous self-belief and confidence, his natural humility resulted in him almost feeling surprised that he was, first of all, selected for the Munster first team and then for Ireland. His vulnerabilities also come into play in what is in reality a very personal book. And while perhaps there are a couple of pages more than is necessary, this book nevertheless portrays a very accurate portrait of a man who for many is a legend.

Available to borrow from Kildare Libraries be sure to go online or call your local branch to make an appointment.


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