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This Changes Everything

Author: Naomi Klein

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Reviewed by: Orla

We have often been told that there is only a small window to change the way we are treating the planet. That window is rapidly shrinking.

Naomi Klein examines how capitalism is the result of reckless behaviour of people in power. A limited number of pockets are being lined at the cost of natural resources. Rules and laws are bent slightly but it is not enough to make an important environmental change. Our current climate is mixing up all the seasons which confuses and topples the timetable of nature.

Over the last ten years the welfare of our planet has spiralled out of control. Environmental activists like Greta Thunberg are being mocked and not taken
seriously. Naomi Klein stresses a number of ways of how we need to be more educated about what is happening to our planet. She also reminds us not to allow other fellow humans to bear the brunt of capitalism alone. We need to stop the exploitation of people in poor countries who are asked to work in horrendous and life-threatening conditions.

Aside from the social implications Naomi Klein calls out the leaders who are blinding and pacifying us with false information, regarding Climate Change. She highlights that they are getting away with extortion and bribery. This pandemic crisis might just be our wake-up call. We need to make a proper change to the world before it’s too late. A well-informed book that comes highly recommended.

If you have enjoyed this book check out or reserve a copy of This is not a Drill’ and other Naomi Klein’s works such as ‘No is not enough’, ‘On Fire’ and  an eAudio of ‘No Logo’


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