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The Liberation of Bridget Dunne

Author:Patricia Scanlan

Reviewed by : Michelle, Library HQ

The book starts off with a young woman Marie-claire and her boyfriend Marc. Marie-claire finds out Marc has cheated on her and she breaks up with him in a very clever way.

Marie-Claire flies home to Ireland to be with her mother Keelin and grandmother Imelda to attend her grand aunts Bridgets 80th birthday party and her retirement from the nuns.

At the party Imelda reveals big secrets about her sister Bridget and daughter Keelin to everyone and they all fall out.

The story then goes back to when Bridget and Imelda were young and reveals the real reasons why Imelda is so bitter. It goes on to Keelin and her decision to become a nun like Bridget.

Keelin is moved to France as a nun where she is introduced to a priest. They both are unsure about their vocation Keelin decides she is going to leave the order in January before she takes her last vows but her and the priest fall in love and she falls pregnant.

Bridget who is working in Africa as a nurse is moved to Paris which is very upsetting to her.

Imelda wants nothing to do with her daughter who is pregnant and Bridget ends up sorting her out in Ireland. Bridget also has her own secrets and this is why she is so good to Keelin. The priest leaves the order too and they become a happy family. Keelins dad excepts them and sees his granddaughter Marie-claire even though Imelda doesn’t. He soon after passes away.

All the woman go on a pilgrim to try and sort out their differences once and for all and all lay their secrets out and finally understand each other.

At the beginning I was really interested and liked the way they all have secrets which kept you reading but I found that the end was very drawn out it’s quite a long story that could have been condensed but all in all not a bad read.

I would give this book 7/10

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