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Stitched Easter Card

Craft supplied by Mary in Maynooth.


Blank Card – Card used in this project is 5.5 inches by 4 inches.

Embroidery Thread,

Tapestry Needle (rounded tip – no point). 

A Larger Needle e.g. a Darning Needle,


Polystyrene block / (Packaging or layered towel.)


Double Sided Tape,

Foam Adhesive dots/squares and

Glue Stick.

Decorative Backing Paper, coloured card and embellishments such as flowers, ribbons, dimantés etc. pattern


1. Carefully centre the egg pattern on the card and tape it in place. Place on polystyrene block and using the darning needle prick the pattern on to the card. Remove the pattern. Thread tapestry needle with one strand of embroidery thread.

2. Starting from top “A” bring the needle to the front from the back of the card, stick the end of thread on to the back of the pattern. Move 8 holes forward and put the needle from the front to the back at “B”. Bring the needle from back at “C” and in at front at “D”, and continue in this way all around the card, making sure to keep the same number of holes apart.

3. When you run out of thread bring the last stitch to the back and stick the end of the thread to the card. Add more thread to the needle, stick it to the back of the card with tape and begin again. Making sure to start from where you ran out of thread. Continue sewing.

4. Finish back at “A” and stick the thread to the back of the card. . Back (Figure 1) and front (Figure 2) should look like this.

Figure 1: Back
Figure 2: Front

5. Cut out some decorative backing paper and cover the back of your stitching using double sided tape.

Preparing to stick backing paper to the card to cover sewing
Backing paper attached.

6. Cut out the 4 Easter eggs in different coloured card and using the adhesive squares stick inside the stitched egg as in photograph.

7. Decorate the rest of the card to your own liking, using Happy Easter stick-ons, ribbons, etc.

It’s Finished !!!

Note: Try using other patterns like the circle I have used, to frame a number on a birthday card. Remember just to keep an even number of holes for the pattern. In this example I have used a double thread, as the holes are further apart.

You can find lots of free patterns on the internet by searching for “Stitched Cards”.


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