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The Monk of Mokha

Author: Dave Eggers 

Genre: Adult Non-Fiction

Review by: Orla, Kildare Town Library

Dave Eggers has polished his craft of writing by doing extensive research and it shows. He has a gift of being able to jump into the mindset of someone else and being able to inhabit their world.  He delves into the history of coffee making and walks in the shoes of Mokhtar Alkhanshai, a Yemeni, who is 24 years old. Living in San Francisco he has big dreams for himself. He is determined to bring the Earth’s richest coffee beans from his homeland Yemen for sale in the US. But he faces conflicting challenges as there is political unrest in Yemen. This is a fascinating book. It highlights the competitive nature of the coffee industry how they compete against each other to bring you the best cup of coffee

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